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Your employment portal IS your front door. Treat it that way.

Or: UX Design Tip: Don’t ask for things you don’t actually need I was recently filling out an online job application for a senior level job. It continues to amaze me how many companies treat their applicant portals more like the back alley entrance to the firm rather than the front door. They should really […]

No, I do not want you to restart my machine NOW

As our lives become more and more intertwined with bits of technology, the way that such technological tidbits are managed and upgraded starts to matter more and more. It becomes a part of the user experience just as much as the day to day UI. In my professional role with my SaaS products, we no […]

The formula: “design for the novice, configure for the pro”

Mark Suster has a line in his recent blog that I think perfectly captures the ideal design goal for software: “Design for the novice, configure for the pro” I think that with this simple statement he captures the direction we all need to be heading to produce successful software design. Particularly in enterprise software, we are always […]