Tim Rochte
Tim Rochte

In my professional life, I am a product guy who loves to solve business problems with technology. For me, it’s all about finding ways to bring value to customers and the business with just enough geek to make it fun. I like to look at the problems holistically, both in terms of what the customer really needs and how my organization can deliver it effectively. I’ve done this largely while running product management organizations but also in marketing, customer success and professional services roles.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. It started way back when shooting an old Brownie box camera and evolved to the high tech end of digital photography. But lately, I’ve found a fondness for mixing in analog film photography with old (mostly) manual cameras. Slows things down and makes it interesting. In the gallery, you’ll find mostly digital but with a growing film assortment.

Professional Competencies

PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: Both in leadership and hands-on roles. I’ve delivered cloud-scale mobile solutions, SaaS and conventional IT management solutions, and patented IoT solutions. I believe that product management is more than just writing requirements, but a holistic view of the business: What best fits the company’s abilities and strategy. How it can make money. How customers and users get the product and ultimately get the best value from it.

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: I love working with customers whether working with them to understand real needs for product change, or helping the sales process of matching their needs to our capabilities, or long term in a customer success approach to help maximize value.

BUSINESS SAVVY: I always approach things from the integrated business perspective. How to get customers to want the product we have and help us make money. I’ve done this in strategy, product management, marketing, business development, customer success and services roles.


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