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Prioritizing features is the last thing you should do

Jeff Lash has a good post (Product Management is More Than Prioritizing Features) that focuses on probably one of the key deficiencies of poor product managers. I actually agree with most of his post, but don’t think he takes it quite far enough. He describes the trap of PMs who think that their job is […]

Customization leads to failure

What is the leading cause of product failure with startups?  Well, I don’t have the quantitative research to prove it, but I would guess that somewhere near the top is over-customization to suit the needs of ‘important’ customers. You probably know the drill: Create vision and product plan Try to sell product Meet great prospect […]

Choice is good – Make the right ones

I just read another great take on the importance of having a clear strategy and prioritization. (click here to read in a new window). The author is focusing on the success that Apple has had with focusing on a relatively limited product line. He uses the ‘insanely’ complex product portfolio at Garmin for comparison. Where Apple […]