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Total Eclipse Timelapse – August 21, 2017 – North of Terrebonne, Oregon

While we were setting up for watching the total eclipse, I stuck the GoPro to the roof of the car and let it run a timelapse. You can see it go from full daylight to near darkness and back with the fully eclipsed sun in the sky. The camera shows us something we didn’t notice in real life. To us, it was quite dark. But the camera automatically adjusted exposure so it doesn’t look nearly as dark. Also, because it is looking nominally south, you are seeing the area 10 miles or so away where the sun is still shining, not part of the total eclipse.


Milwaukee Skyline in December 2017

Two beautiful days on the Milwaukee waterfront. One a little grey and temperate. The other bright and shiny and cold enough to make me bring the bird back down before my fingers locked up on the cold.


Pismo Beach Flyover – March 2018

One of the lowest hassle places I’ve flown so far. And beautiful to boot. Straight outside of the hotel chatting with people who not only didn’t have a problem but suggested other places nearby for good flying.


Delta Ferry at Steamboat Slough – November 2017 

The main purpose of the trip was to experience the last two highway ferries in the California Delta. But the sky and light was too beautiful not to get a different perspective. So up goes the drone to capture an amazingly beautiful sunset over the river and farms.


Seacliff State Beach – November 2017 

One of only two state parks where drones are allowed in all of the greater Bay Area, but it is a stunner. Beautiful fall sunset and a view of the strangest fishing pier idea around. A WWII era ferro-cement ship sunk offshore. It broke up beyond safety a few years ago and is fenced off but the animals still like it.


Reno Air Races – 2017

A bucket list trip. I’ve wanted to go see the P-51s and other beastly planes race a few dozen feet above the desert ever since I learned of it. Finally had the time to go for a day and it didn’t disappoint. Sorry for the shaky camera work, I was handholding a 500mm lens to really get up close. The recorded sound doesn’t do reality justice either, but does give a good sense.


Treasure Island at Sunset

Treasure Island is another little pocket of drone tolerance and beautiful to boot. On this flight, we mostly cruised the western side and out into the bay. You get a great view of the original PanAm Clipper terminal (the crescent building) where the passengers embarked for a flying boat trip across the Pacific. You can see the beginning of the demolition for a massive project on the island but at this point, things were mostly still open. Later videos it’s all gone and blocked off.


 SFO to Tahoe Flyover – Timelapse

Yeah, I’m an AvGeek. While I don’t usually go for window seats due to space issues, sometimes it happens and I love to just stare at the ground passing by. Now, there’s a way to share without boring y’all. Timelapse! This one is from takeoff at SFO until we clear Lake Tahoe.


4 Hour Flight from SFO to Madison compressed to 1 Minute

Madison to SFO

From Madison, WI to SFO is a long flight but here are the highlights on a sunny summer day


Milwaukee Fireworks – 2018

The city of Milwaukee puts on a great fireworks show on the 3rd of July. Why on the 3rd? Don’t know. My guess is to allow for smaller, community and private shows on the 4th itself. This was taken from the balcony of my parent’s apartment looking over the harbor.



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