Tim Rochte
Tim Rochte

Having recently gone through yet another acquisition and the resulting changes, I got to thinking about what it is that draws me to product management and marketing and what things I’ve learned through experience (i.e. the hard way). I figured that it might be time for me to start blogging to share this information.

I don’t think that I know everything there is to know by any means so I’m really hoping that I end up with an audience that will comment and argue over the various posts here. Please consider this an open invitation. Any respectful, on-topic opinion is welcome.

One of the other things that this project is getting me to do is look around the web to see what other people have done in a similar vein. I will put interesting links in posts and/or in the sidebar to share. Please feel free to add your favorites to your comments as well.

Like all blogs, this will start out thin. If you’re joining the conversation then, please come back again or add something yourself.

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